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About Silverganic


About Silverganic

Silverganic offers expertly-manufactured products to distributors, dealers, and wholesalers nationwide. Our background is one of excellence and innovation; from the very beginning. The company has had the mission to promote the understanding and acceptance of in many properties. We are also backed by our founders' deep and vast experience in nano particles. Such as colloidal silver for its many different and beneficial uses. Our team was formed by the common goal of bringing the benefits of nano minerals to everyone who wishes to experience the multi-channel distribution, beverage production, and product marketing.

Our Mission Statement

Silverganic was created to educate the world on the thousands of benefits of Nano Silver. As experts in all things Nano Silver, we guarantee to be your best source for Silver-infused products.

Our Vision

Silverganic is a company with a vision to educate the world and promote the understanding of one of nature's many gifts. Nano Silver is a safe and essential part of life, so why not take advantage of its thousands of benefits?

Joe Francis

Joe Francis is the chief engineer behind our technologies. As one of the head engineers that developed the groundbreaking technology that got humankind to the moon and back, he has in-depth knowledge of the chemical and electrical industry. Combined with his engineering background, he created the machine we use for the production of our nanoparticles for our products; consistently researching new applications for Nano Silvers benefits.

The Machine

A hyper-efficient breakthrough in nanoparticle technology. The machine is capable of seamlessly producing thousands of gallons of Nano Silver while ensuring optimal quality.