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We've got your piercings covered!

We've got your piercings covered!

If you're wondering how best to maintain a piercing—or how  an infected piercing may be treated —we've got you covered. Our products are all made with true particle silver, which is a natural anti-bacterial solution that is safe, non-toxic, and beneficial to swallow. Silver may help prevent or treat local infections and with regular use can maintain a healthy piercing—so keep those bottles handy!

Colloidal silver is a  solution that has been useful in treating and healing wounds. Colloidal silver has been used for years as a healing agent in many parts of the world. The solution contains micro-particles of pure silver which are electrically charged and suspended in water. When applied to wounds, colloidal silver may activate the immune system and encourages the growth of new cells.

Colloidal silver may help heal piercings because it contains antibacterial properties that kill germs, accelerate the healing process and reduces inflammation. Colloidal silver also helps prevent infection and promotes tissue regeneration.

For lip piercings, oral spray is most effective. For ear and nose piercings, you can use the liquid spray or cotton swabs soaked in the solution. It's important that you apply either inside and outside of the pierced area for maximum effectiveness. With all piercings, keep your fingers off as much as possible except to clean the piercing from time to time.

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