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Preventing the Cold and Flu with Silver

The flu season is well under way, so if you haven’t caught the flu yet consider yourself lucky- unless, of course, you’re taking colloidal silver. Silver’s antibacterial properties are believed to help ward off pathogens, making it a strong preventative against flus and colds.

With so many viruses going around nowadays- many people end up spending money out of pocket for doctor’s visits and prescriptions. However, the most effective preventative medication might be colloidal silver. So don’t accept colds and the flu as inevitable- prepare your body for the pathogens all around you!

Fight Infections With Silver Even After They Set In

If you’re already sick, colloidal silver may just be what the doctor orders. Flu-causing viruses have proven very difficult to ward off and treat. Antibiotics are all but useless, as are many other traditional forms of medicine. Nanosilver can damage viruses themselves, making it easier for your body to fight off the infection. 

Others suggest that silver can damage the virus’s exterior membrane, weakening and potentially killing it. Yet another study claims that nano silver can affect DNA, RNA, proteins, and other phosphorus- or sulfur-containing biomolecules.

As for bacteria, one report found that colloidal silver holds onto oxygen particles, these particles then react with sulfhydryl groups that often surround bacteria. This ends up disrupting cellular processes and could lead to the bacteria’s death.

The same study also found that silver ions can attach directly to the bacteria’s cell membranes, once again causing a reaction. There was even evidence that the silver ions entered the bacteria and reacted with its DNA.

Some people report that when they feel a cold coming on, a few regular doses of silver is enough to ward the cold off before it can take hold. With your infection just reaching a critical phase, colloidal silver may be able to tip the scales in your favor. 

Silver is Effective at Every Stage

Perhaps the best distinguishing feature of colloidal silver is that it can combat pathogens at any stage of the infection. Yet another astounding feature of silver is that it can even fight off multiple pathogens at once. Whether your body is being threatened bacteria, viruses, fungi, or other pathogens, silver can greatly improve your case. Even when you’re in good health, taking colloidal silver supplements is a powerful preventative measure against illnesses. 

Feeling under the weather? Colloidal silver will help you get back on your feet!

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