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What is colloidal silver?

Colloidal silver is a liquid of very small silver particles suspended in “colloid” for even distribution. Elemental silver has a +1 charge. Many times when placed in the colloid solutions, the charge on the silver becomes neutral. This is an important distinction when assessing therapeutic value. Some colloidal silver forms are in solutions that have been able to stabilize and maintain that positive charge. This charge, solution, and absorbability of the silver is where the microbial-balancing and immune-supportive quality exists. The absorbable silver creates action to limit microbial overgrowths, which supports overall immune health. 

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When reading reports about ineffective results, there are two main questions: 1) What is the charge of the solution studied, and 2) What type of solution is it? A pure water solution containing the positively charged silver will have a different therapeutic value than a neutral, non-aqueous solution. Without these answers, the claim that all colloidal silvers are ineffective is misguided.

What is nanoparticle silver?

Colloidal silver is actually not the most widely-used silver therapy. Nanoparticle silver is a popular, proven treatment whereby the value is not in the charge of the silver but rather the small particle size. How big is a nanoparticle, you say? It would take 6,000-8,000 nanoparticles to make up the diameter of just one mature human red blood cell, which is 6-8 micrometers!

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