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How Nano-Silver Helps to Deal with Air-borne Viral Infections

The diseases that are spread through infected air are termed as air-borne diseases. The pathogens causing these air-borne diseases get transmitted from an infected to a healthy person through sneezing, coughing, spewing nasal secretions or just by talking. Right in these days, outbreak of coronavirus in some part of the world is a real concern for all people.

Any air-borne microbes can enter your body and spread the infection gradually if your immunity power is weak. As these pathogens spread through the air, it is too difficult to protect yourself from infections like the common cold, chickenpox, influenza, measles and many more viruses. Even in some severe cases, these air-borne viral diseases can be life-threatening as well.

How Silver Can Help To Fight Against Infections

Silver has both healing and preventive benefits. For centuries, silver metal has been known to possess antiviral properties. It acts as the shield over the body surface to prevent the entry of pathogens.

Silver is also considered the best alternative to antibiotics. Nano silver supplements can disrupt the reproduction of viruses which will further prevent the pathogens to multiply.

For instance, if you are suffering from common cold and influenza, you can use supplements made from colloidal silver for flu at the very preliminary stage of infection. Also silver can fight against multiple pathogens together.

How to Use Silver to Prevent Infections

Silver element is used in supplements or as colloidal silver solution spray. This allows the element to spread evenly on the surface of the body and giving the best results. Colloidal silver is the purest form of silver and it is being used in nano-sized particles.

Nano silver is quite safe for the body as the size is 6-10 Nano-meters which gets eliminated from the body. The Nano silver particles are 1000 times smaller than RBCs. If you want to improve your immunity, doctors recommend using 1 oz. of colloidal silver daily.

How to use Colloidal Silver

Various products are available in the market that contains safe quantities of Nanosilver. They are-

  1. Supplements- These products contain 99.999% of Nanosilver suspended in purified water. The supplements are used for treating cuts and burns, protect from airborne viruses, good for personal hygiene and they are pet-friendly too.
  2. Sprays- You can apply colloidal silver spray directly over the infected area. This gives instant relief from the viral infection and reduces allergies.
  3. Soaps- The soaps are made with pure essential oils and carrier oils like coconut oil and olive oil. They also contain safe quantities of colloidal silver along with organic shea butter, ground oats, French red clay etc
Other Benefits of Using Nano Silver

Apart from treating viral infections, colloidal silver have several other health benefits. Colloidal silver makes water safe for drinking as it kills the microbes in the water. As Nano silver has antibacterial and antiviral properties, it is good for your skin. It also acts as disinfectant and can be applied on clothes and towels. You can boost skin health by just using silver immunity spray over the infected portion.

Thus, from the above points, you can see that colloidal or Nano silver has lots of benefits. If you want to lead a healthy life, try to incorporate Nano sliver in your daily routine in the form of supplements to keep infections at bay!

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