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Colloidal silver in the fight against viruses.

With the advent of the coronavirus, there is speculation regarding whether Colloidal Silver could be an effective remedy against the virus.

Medical doctor Raul Mitchell told the Jamaica Observer that silver, the main ingredient in Colloidal Silver, has been a known cure for many types of diseases for centuries.

Instead, Dr Mitchell put forward that it is something that boosts the immune system and can possibly reduce the efficacy and onset of the virus.

“During my research I have encountered two products almost forgotten that had played a significant role in Jamaica during the of Chik-V virus and Ebola scare a few years ago in Africa. Countless testimonies have been given about the effect of Miracle Water, now called Silverganics, Colloidal Silver, against these ailments. On Facebook, there are numerous testimonies both from local and international people that colloidal silver has aided in their recuperation against COVID-19,” Dr Mitchell said.

Dr Arthur Green, a medical doctor in Brown's Town, St Ann, has also touted the effectiveness of colloidal silver in the fight against viruses.

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