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Different Ways You Can Use Nano Silver

Nano Silver, or Colloidal Silver as it is sometimes called, could provide a wide range of benefits for your health and home. This should come as no surprise, silver has long been used to treat infections, and for keeping milk and food from spoiling. No wonder silver has long been among the most valued metals throughout history.

These days, silver might be even more useful! That’s because you can now use nanosilver, which features tiny bits of silver (100 nm or less) suspended in a liquid. This allows the silver to act at a micro-level, potentially killing dangerous microbes, attacking odors at the molecular level, and cleansing your skin.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the many different uses for Colloidal Silver. First, let’s take a look at a few of the different ways you can apply or take Nano Silver!

Different Ways to Take/Apply Nano Silver

With Nano Silver, tiny silver particles are suspended in a liquid or other medium. Water is one of the most common choices for Nano Silver. However, other mediums can be used. Some of the different ways to take or consume Nano Silver include:

  • Spray - Nano Silver particles are suspended in water, creating a powerful cleaning and sterilizing spray.
  • Consumable liquids - Nano Silver is suspended in water or another liquid and is then consumed. Flavored drinks are becoming increasingly popular!
  • Aloe, essential oils and other complementary products - the Nano Silver particles are suspended in the product, adding additional benefits

So What Can Nanosilver Be Used For?

Okay, so now you know how you can apply or consume Nano Silver, but what can it actually be used for? Turns out, nanosilver has a lot of different uses. Let’s go over some.

Silver is an Effective Antimicrobial

Right now, Nano Silver is perhaps most well-known for its antimicrobial powers. Throughout the course of human history, people have applied silver to wounds and ingested it to fight off colds. Putting silver coins in milk may even help keep milk fresh longer.

Silver’s antibacterial properties are well-known and studies back up the claims. Silver is also believed to combat fungus and viruses. As such, it’s a powerful but flexible antimicrobial. This makes nanosilver effective for many things:

  • Antibiotic - Fight bacterial infections by consuming Nano Silver.

  • Clean wounds- Naturally ward off bacteria, fungi, and viruses that could infect cuts and wounds.

  • Preserve water and food - Adding Colloidal Silver to your water could kill off microbes. Likewise, nanosilver may also help preserve foods.

  • Antiviral treatment - Viruses are especially difficult to kill and antibiotics are basically useless against them. Nano Silver may be able to weaken and kill viruses, however.

  • Clean up messes - Kitchen countertops and bathrooms are often infested with microbes that can pose a danger to your health. Use nanosilver sprays to clean and disinfect surfaces at the same time!

  • Cut down on mold and mildew - Unfortunately, many chemical cleaners struggle to keep mildew and mold under control. However, Colloidal Silver may help!

  • Cleanse your skin - Acne is the result of microbial infections and bacteria are a common culprit. A Colloidal Silver face-wash might be just what your skin needs.

  • Clean Your Towels and Clothing - Dishtowels and certain pieces of garments are quite likely to be harboring microbes. Disinfect them with Nano Silver!

Colloidal Silver is so highly regarded as an antimicrobial agent that it’s being tested by NASA. Space is the final frontier and a messy one at that. NASA is looking into using colloidal silver as a clean, natural disinfectant in space.

As you can see, nanosilver has a lot of uses. So make sure you’re putting it to good use and reaping all the benefits!

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